Saturday, November 03, 2007

SIP registration successful again

My Grandstream device has successfully registered overnight with the which is the SIP server used by Gizmo Project. So this does seem to be a temporary problem. However, this keeps happening fairly regularly, I'll keep monitoring and post if I see the same problem again.

On a related note, it's pretty painful to debug what exactly going on with these headless devices. This is not just a Grandstream device issue. I face the same issue with the Linksys PAP2. Grandstream did provide logging to an external server which helped me quite a bit. However, I need either a hub or a low-end switch that can do span. I do have a Linksys WRT54G, I can put openwrt firmware and do tcpdump right on the box. That's a project for another day.

Incidentally the Grandstream box appears to be running Linux though Grandstream website makes no mention of it. I'd love to get a shell prompt on it. It's a very small and sleek device.


Anonymous said...

I also ran into this problem and was monitoring this for a while. It appears that the problem is intemittant and I was able to trace the issue to certain IP address ranges allocated by BSNL. When the modem/router acquires an IP in one particular range SIP works. When it is in couple of other ranges it doesn't. does, doesn't.

shivs_4 said...

im using Bsnl broadband 256 internet connt and voip its working superb beetel 220bx adsl modem