Thursday, November 15, 2007

BSNL Broadband SIP Access is down again

Well, what do you know. SIP registrations are failing again for my Bangalore connection for the last two days. I know for a fact that registrations are currently going through in my home town (Coimbatore) for both my parents and in my in-laws. As I mentioned in my earlier post, non standard ports currently work - I don't know how long it will last. So I am officially recommending Callcentric which allows SIP registrations on port 5080. Callcentric accounts are also more feature rich than Sipphone (which is used by Gizmo Project). For instance, Callcentric allows you setup speed dials in the server which can be accessed by a four digit code ("*75xx"). SIP to SIP calls are free and I am able to call my home town over SIP without problems.

Some one commented to my previous post that BSNL is blocking specific range of IP addresses which may very well be true. I tried logging out my PPPoE session a couple of times to get a new IP Address. It didn't seem to help, I didn't have the patience to keep trying. But really, this sucks.

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shivs_4 said...

im using bsnl dataone 256 ,voip working fine..Modem beetel 220bx