Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Looking for a good GUI Imap Client

This one qualifies as the first rant in my blog :-). I have been hunting for a good imap client to manager four imap accounts (yeah, I know that's a lot). Unfortunately I can't find one. My setup is somewhat unique. One of these accounts happens to be on myrealbox and since that's kind of a experimental box for Novell, the server keeps going down. Their imap server is also pretty lame (searches don't work) and has some strange quirks. The second problem is tha two of my accounts (including the myrealbox one) get too much spam. Less than 5% of the mails to these accounts are valid mails. Rather than filtering them on a GUI client, I have setup imapfilter with spamassasin to spam filter my mails offline. This results in mails suddenly disappearing from my inbox. Looks like some clients have trouble with that. I'll revisit my spam filter story some other time. Lets focus first on the mail clients.

Thunderbird is nice, seems stable, but bloats to 200MB of memory usage with just two imap accounts. That's unacceptable, so that's out. kmail did better on the memory usage front but it's imap support is pretty buggy. kmail appears to have problems with both unreliable servers and disappearing mails. I have been using it for quite a while but the problems still exist with the latest version I tried (KDE 3.3.2). So I gave up on it and tried evolution. Evolution seems nice but seems to take up too much screen real estate and too much memory. It also seems to have a strange quirk, showing an unread mail in the folder window when none exists (Evolution 2.0.3). I've used sylpheed before but it's still gtk 1.0 and looks ugly as hell. I found that the gtk2 version is packaged for debian. I am trying it now and liking it so far. I'll see how it goes.

Before I finish this rant, I owe a apology for the authors of these mail clients. I understand that bugs don't get fixed unless some one reports them first. I really should be filing but reports about the issues I found. I haven't done that yet.

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Tried balsa?