Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Home DSL access down

I have a BSNL DIAS connection at home. 128kbps; it's not broadband by any stretch of imagination. Broaderband is more like it :-). I don't do heavy duty downloading and with VPN access to my office and a setup optimized for local editing and remote compiling, so it's not too bad. Plus having a stable and always-on connection is much better than dialup. That is, stable, until now. Unfortunately my phone line has conked off.

This is not something new. I occasionally run into problems and it usually gets automatically fixed in a day. This time the line is dead for more than four days. I was not in town last weekend, so I didn't follow up. The line man was supposed to be at my home at 3:00pm today. I took a break from office and stayed at home from 3:00 to 5:00pm but he didn't show up :-(. Not that I am surprised. Looks like I need to stay at home the whole day tomorrow, without net access. I read somewhere that Frustration is searching for your glasses without your glasses. I can add waiting at home for your DSL connection to be fixed without your DSL connection.

Speaking of DSL connections, the line probably went dead last Thursday. I noticed that the modem sync LED kept blinking. Usually it gets fixed overnight. It didn't happen this time. I noticed that the phone line was also down only on Friday evening. Shows how frequently I use the land line ;-). Then I had to leave town, so it's now five days since the line went dead :-(.

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