Saturday, June 11, 2011

Posting from my rooted nook color

Okay, liking the nook color a whole lot better now. Rooted with ClockWorkMod and Manualnooter 4.5.6. Everything went very smooth and definitely much more usable than CM7 on my slow SD card. May be I should replace the stock firmware with CM7 someday and check how it performs. That project is for another day; for now happy with the rooted B&N firmware.

Oh, I did have a hiccup, solely my fault - registered with the wrong google account and couldn't get my purchased apps. I had to do a factory reset and root it again :-(.

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Chocolate Chipmunk said...

I have a nook color as well.
If you are running from the sd card, use a Sandisk Class 2 card. It has best random RW performance. Even then its not that great. I have CM 7.1 encore installed. Removed stock firmware completely. Worth it. Runs much better. Also look for nook tweaks by dalingrin.