Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of updates

This has really become a farce. Last update was nearly an year ago. Lot of things have happened. I have moved closer to office, much closer. I now stay next to Intel in Devarabisanhalli. Adarsh Palm Retreat Tower 1 is the place. Nice ground floor apartment. Bought it in Oct 2009 and moved in June 2010.

Sneha has started school - GEAR International - she has started in M0 Montessori. GEAR is one of the reasons we moved because "traditional" schools were admitting even for playschool only if the child completes 3 yrs in June. Sneha is November end born and GEAR wants to take in children into Montessori at 2.5 yrs which kind of matched our timeline.

My previous apartment in Jayanagar has been given out on rent since November. I miss Jayanagar but love the commute from the new apartment. There is a back road that leads to Cisco's back entrance; which was previously a bad road but now nicely done and hardly takes a 3 mins drive. I still need to drive about 1 KM on a mud road to the back entrance of APR but not touching ORR is a bliss. Things will probably improve on ORR once the construction is done but the back road is perfect for Cisco.

Since December 15 2011, I've also moved to a different Business Unit in Cisco - SAVBU. That's a big change after a 9+ year association with Andiamo/Cisco.

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Kumar Appaiah said...

Well, you _do_ have a few readers!

Nice to hear about your daughter, your notes remind me that time does, indeed, fly fast!

All the best!