Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finding Technical talent in India

Happy new year to the crazy people still reading my blog ;-). The topic I am raising in this new year is the difficulty in finding good technical talent in India, especially senior developers. Tech leads in Cisco are expected to Code. Managers are also technical and many continue to code (including yours truly!). We're hiring - Cisco Systems in general and my own group in particular. I guess that's true for most companies in Bangalore. However, it appears that most senior technical people (I am talking about 7 or 8+ years) don't actively write C code. We're finding it quite hard to find good programmers. There are three possibilities.
  1. Most good developers are happy in their current job.
  2. The demand is very high.
  3. Good developers are in a minority.
I guess it's a combination of all these factors. However, I do feel depressed when I get 8/9+ years resumes for technical people and the person can't even write simple C programs or answer basic questions no data structures.

Oh well! By the way, if you're reading this and consider yourself a good C programmer (3+ years experience!), you know how to reach me ;-). We're looking for good Unix/Linux Network and System Programming Skills for working on an Enterprise networking switch.


kmap said...

Do you think it is also because the way the education system is? Exams in programming don't stress on algorithms and methodology as much as they do syntax and rote learning. People are made to reinvent wheels rather than design solutions which will force them to acquire new skillsets. I feel that is one of the reasons why you don't find great programmers around.

And BTW, I am still one of those crazy persons polling your blog. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

True, infact in the school..we people dont get exposure to computers...there are certain select schools which gives you the courses in computer i have studied from a government school..i have topped that school marks in 4subjects were really good..but the fifth subject was how much can u get in that if u belong to a science stream..this is the problem of india..that here people dont want to pursure their attitudes and interest..

coming to programming part..i think that there is no good teacher in india who can teach u efficient programming if u can see for subjects like physics and maths..u will get good teachers..but same has not come with the courses of computer sciences in india

Anonymous said...

Hey - Came across your post on SIP ATA and BSNL via google. Was just browsing. Good programmers who write code for 7-8 years are very rare. They move up the chain and try to become managers. The IT orgs in India wont let anyone good to grow in the tech ladder. They will need to manage teams other than the tech part of the job and become managers eventually. Life sucks r what?