Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back to Thunderbird

It's ages since I blogged but I thought I'd at least update that I have switched back to Thunderbird for mail. In fact I switched quite a while back. I got tired of Sylpheed blocking to fetch mails. Thunderbird continues to eat up memory like crazy ("top" output broken into two lines to fit blog column):
10428 rganesan  15   0  221m  48m  21m S  0.0  
9.7   1:28.20 mozilla-thunderbird
However, the resident size seems to keep relatively low (in fact lower than firefox), the UI is responsive and spam checking is pretty good.


aaditya said...

tried evolution? I use thunderbird under windows and evolution on linux.

Evolution *seems* to cache IMAP connections and data better, and also good integration with the gaim address book.

Anonymous said...

I even felt the same while, Seems it performs better on windows. Or may be i never checked the resources being used.


Kumar Appaiah said...

If you are really bothered about resource-hungry Evolution, how can you prefer Thunderbird, which is, if anything, worse than Evolution when it comes to resources?

BTW I prefer Mutt anyday.

xombie said...


Nice blog you've got. Thunderbird is the only mail app that I've used, and it does what I want it to; checks mail, has filters and beeps when I get new mail.

Yet, it seems to take a while now, with a filling mailbox and lots of mail. I don't know abt evolution and kmail; probably only a question of getting used to them. But then again, thunderbird is usable everywhere and one doesn't want to change (sounds similar to the IE-firefox inertia ...)

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