Thursday, March 31, 2005

Home DataOne is up :-)

The kind folks from BSNL turned up to install DataOne. Unfortunately, my phone line was dead. So they installed and configured (rather, I configured under their instruction) and left, promising that a line man will show up by 5pm. The line men showed up just after 5pm and found that the problem was with the line cord inside my house! I gave them the short cable connecting my phone to my cordless and they patched it up and said everything is fine (I have a vague suspicion that I was conned about the line cord being faulty, but may be it's unfair to the helpful guys, so I'll not go into that). DataOne seemed to be fine after that, but the diagnostics failed saying authentication failure. Turned that the user ID and password that they gave had a problem, that was soon fixed with a helpful call to the BSNL folks.

So here I am, grinning ear to ear with a 256kbps connection. If everything goes fine, I plan to upgrade to 384kpbs and eventually to 512kbps. By the way, the BSNL customer service is quite nice actually. You just need the right contacts ;-). The people who visited my home for the connection were uniformly courteous and helpful.

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kiran kumar Chava said...


they are really good

unlike old phone people, whom u can not catch.

even I have this login problem which got rectified in hours.